Theos Think Tank came to diffuse in need of a fresh, updated site design and CMS. With a back catalouge of just over 900 articles to be imported, the new site needed to be able to scale well without becoming harder to navigate or use in the longer term.

The site is built upon the dpanel CMS, with the News module powering their database of nearly 1,000 articles and growing, whilst the Registration module handles their contact database with over 4,500 records.

Large Scale Content Mangement

Managing content at the scale that Theos requires presents a unique set of problems; the interface must be capable of displaying thousands of articles whilst remaining simple to use; add, edit and delete functions need to be easy to find, whilst old articles are searchable to make them quick to find.

Alongside the CMS, the visitor facing website must also be able to handle the large quantity of articles, without overwhelming the user. The Theos site achieves this through the wide ranging use of images, coupled with pagination to break articles into smaller, manageable pages. This is topped off with integrated Google site search, providing the best possible on site search experience.

Contact Database Management

The Theos contact database holds over 4,500 contacts collected by the think tank. In order to better use this data, Theos needed a solution that would be directly integrated into their website and capable of both integrating with thrid party services such as MailChimp and exporting the data in a useful format.

The dpanel Registration module was easily adapted to meet the needs of the Theos database and provides a simple and easy to use interface for managing the vast array of contacts in the database as well as allowing new signups via the website.

Downloadable Reports and Amazon Links

A large part of the work of Theos is their publishing of both reports and books. The dpanel Downloads module allows Theos to both link to the Amazon page for their printed reports/books and offer the PDF version for free download.

Secure Integrated PayPal Payments

Theos offers the options to support their work by becoming a 'Friend of Theos', a 'Theos Associate', or to make a one off donation. Each of these works by integrating directly with PayPal from the dpanel Content module to ensure payments are totally secure.

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